Dementis Animum

I am thinking of starting working on creation which will probably be consumed by the most of you. Since you’re so full of it. Full of it indeed, yet you can not see…

Maybe you do… maybe you do allot better than I… Maybe you know allot more than I do… Maybe I’ve been wrong all along…

Maybe Mr.Misha who’s politically correct attitude delicately avoids the errors I crush into his face while  we discuss modern lifestyle. Maybe not and I’m just over-thinking, creating theories which roots are incorrect from the very beginning, but when I create them, I add flesh to it, I try to hid its identity so that the consumer will open/crack it just about the right time, so the idea is soaked to its best possible way. And after that we have what? A mistake… An outgrowth a creature that society doesn’t require. Which will for some reason become the main threat to the society and all for what it stands for!

why do i talk this much… I didnt even make sense… anyways… the difference between my previous works and my upcoming one is that this one will shine as gold.

Theoricus [LQ]

Theoricus - Trailer

Paranoia Drift

Anime Music Video

Author: Maniaki

Anime: The girl who leapt through time

Audio: Original Audio